ZYPEEK(Poly-ether-ether-ketone)features: industrial continuous production, thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency, high purity.




Zhongyan Culture


Our vision is to be an enterprise specializing in supplying the best quality of FD-PEEK products, to be the most professional FD-PEEK manufacturer, long-term focus on high performance engineering plastics.  


First, highlight he product property. As a manufacturing enterprise, the best product is the quality. We constantly to strive for perfection, that is our starting point of all work and our social responsibility.


Second, highlight the enterprise characteristic. The company is committed to become a professional manufacturer and service provider of PEEK. That is the main experience of our past career success and externalization of our core competitiveness of Joinature. Under new historical condition, Zhonguam will continue to focus on product development. From product quality to company management is in the line with the international top level. Zhongyan is committed to set up an industrial base for providing stable and diversified series of PEEK and product research, production, quality control and service system. That is the fundamental guarantee of Zhongyan to building world-class enterprise; achieve the high industrial-leading standard and making our career successful.


Third, highlight our working attitude. FD-PEEK is applied to high-end manufacturing industry as core components. Any negligent and opportunistic behaviors of seeking for short term benefits and that ignore long-term strategic target will damage the interests of clients and our enterprise’s reputation. So we constantly focus on Batch Stability of product and improving techniques and product quality. That is basic guiding ideology and professional integrity which we followed. 



--- Devote stable, superior, diversified FD-PEEK products to clients, and we grow up with our clients, staff and interested party. The mission is the philosophy on production, operation and management concept, also is the externalization of social responsibility. Our mission includes two aspects:


First, highlight the three elements of product:"Stable, Superior, and Diversified". From what we’re engaged in the industrial characteristics, the stability of the products is the critical factor for FD-PEEK quality; From the clients’ focus, excellent product performance is the most important; From our vision, we would like to produce the best quality, batch stability of FD-PEEK products. Put the industrial characteristics, our enterprise goal and client benefit in combination "Stable, Superior, Diversified", and promote each other, supplement each other.


Second, highlight the relationship between enterprise and interested party of mutual benefit and common development.

Our development must not damage the interests of our clients, shareholders and employees. Strive to do the sustainable development, harmony and all win cooperation. Let us build a ' benefit community' and a ' fate community' together.


--- Sunshine, Nobility, Responsibility, Innovation



First, our advocacy of standard of behaviors as simple and transparent, frank and honest, sense of nature, happy and confident; Second, advocacy of principle of doing things as selfless, kindness, full of energy, good communication ; Third, set up and improve a platform as open, equality and friendly. Forth, shape the positive company image as reliable, friendly, and responsible.



First, through unremitting efforts and exploration, successfully completed the PEEK product of industrialization, and achieved batch stability. Therefore it can be said that we made a contribution to the R&D of PEEK. Second, we should strive to become a high-end enterprise, we should strive to become a high-end enterprise, we have to put the interests of clients and our value in combination, create diversified products, improve the product quality and performance for providing better service for all the clients. Third, all of the staff should have noble sentiment. In any case, we must advocate honesty, gratefulness, dedication, integrity and other outstanding human quality and professional quality


To actively take social responsibility is the duty of Joinature as a corporate citizenship. We should be in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise mission, and achieve the common development with enterprise, staff, clients and interested parties. On the other hand, we actively advocate value of grateful, win-win, environmentally friendly, community return, making the great efforts to promote Creativity in Business and social harmony.



The innovation spirit is the source and impetus for development and from victory to the new victory. We should devote ourselves to product innovation, development new technologies, new processes, new products, and improve the core competence; Encourage innovation in management idea and methods, constantly challenge the status quo, pay attention to business model innovation. Advocating and development spirit of innovation, create sunshine and fair working environment, and having the freedom to fail and try again, learn and grow from the failures.

Our Features

  • Listed corporation with stock code 835017
  • The registered capital is 91.26 million RMB
  • Modern High-tech in PEEK R&D, manufacturing and marketing
  • Global supplier of PEEK raw materials,Continuous industrial production
  • Annual capacity of PEEK over 1500 ton
  • A wide range of application areas of the six series of ZYPeek.